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About Us

St. John's is a congregation within the Diocese of Fond du Lac, and a part of the worldwide Anglican Communion.  our congregation is rooted deeply in Anglican tradition, and we use the Book of Common Prayer (BCP), Episcopal Common Lectionary, and scripture readings in most of our worship services.  We are an affirming and welcoming community, open to all regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or gender identity or expression.  All are welcome here no matter your faith background or where you are on your faith journey as well.  

The Episcopal denomination is based on a foundation of holy scripture, the traditions of centuries of believers and reason.  We are known for wondering, raising questions, and seeking new ways to express our faith.  We come from broad backgrounds to learn and worship and witness together.   We are part of the 80 million member Anglican Communion in over 160 countries.  We are "Anglo-Catholics" with characteristics of both Catholic and Protestant denominations.  

Who Are We? 

We are a family of God, brothers and sisters through baptism.  We celebrate our heritage as members of a worldwide Anglican communion, the Episcopal Church in the United States, and the Diocese of Fond du Lac.  We have inherited a rich tradition in Wisconsin Rapids going back to the 1870's, while celebrating the life we are given now and will live in the years to come.  

Like many families, we are diverse and yet united.  We pray together even if we don't always agree.  That is our strength.  And we welcome all people to join us: for worship when they are passing through, or to journey with us on our walk with Christ.  For whoever you are, or wherever you have come from, you are a child of God's love, even as we are.  You are a sister or brother in Christ!  

What Is Important To Us? 


We love questions because they spark our imagination and kindle conversation.  We are not as good at answers, often because the questions are born out of life, but take us into the mind of God.  For the present, we can only wonder about that!  


We want to be accessible to all: physically, emotionally, spiritually.  Our physical home is a church building that is 100 years old.  Despite its age and limitations, we have created a home for everyone, where steps won't determine who can enter, and traditions won't keep people from feeling welcome.  We honor the past in our stewardship and welcome friends and newcomers in our hospitality.  


Life in Christ is based on relationships.  Relationships that welcome, relationships that forgive and are fogiving, relationships that rely upon communications.  Our recent history has focused on strengthening our communications through the use of the internet.  When faced with the temporary closing of churches, we learned how to rely upon virtual communication, and today offer a tapestry of in person and virtual services.  We have learned our boundaries extend beyond Wisconsin Rapids, and we are committed to building relationships with people regardless of how we reach them.  

Our Staff:
Fr. David Klutterman
Kyle Ruud
Kristopher Gasch
Christian Stromley



Office Manager


Choir Director/Organist 


Penny Cleworth


Bob Cleworth

Guitarist/Monarch Cursillo Parish Representative

The Rt. Rev. Jim Jelinek

Bishop in Residence

Organist and Accompanist 


Ezekiel "EZ" Jelinek

Parish Greeter


How do I contact your Rector?

Church Office – 715.423.2332             Office Hours: M-Th 9:30 to Noon
You are able to come to the church office by entering from the glass doors off the parking lot.

You can also call the church for information. If no one answers, please leave a detailed message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you.

Our Priest in Charge is Fr. David Klutterman. Contact him by phone: 715.432.4685, or email: 

Shane Burkart is our Senior Warden. 

Mike Rose is our Junior Warden 

The other members of our Vestry are Tiffaney Althoff, Donna Smrz, Carol Metcalf, Brian Havitz, Bob Suehring, and Amber Walczak. 

Penny Cleworth is our Treasurer. 

If you would like to contact St. John’s you can mail us at: 320 Oak St., or email:

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