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St. Cecilia Studio of Music

Welcome to the St. Cecilia Studio of Music!  We are a brand new music studio, opening on April 17th, 2023!  

Here we teach beginning to intermediate keyboard instruction, as well as musicianship skills.  Here the goal is not only to build a strong foundation in music education, but also to nurture and guide individual students who are looking to pursue music as a hobby or career.  St. John's Episcopal Church provides space and support for the music studio in the hopes of advancing music in the life of our community.  

Piano or organ lessons are available to students.  Students interested in organ must have a strong foundation in piano, and this will be assessed by and is up to the instructor's discretion. Students who pursue organ may also choose to pursue piano as well.  In these cases we would alternate piano and organ lessons weekly.  

The founding belief and educational philosophy of the studio is that music is for all.  People of all ages and abilities are welcome for lessons in the studio, whether you are 9 or 99.  Music education should be accessible by all, and here at St. Cecilia Studio of Music we work hard to make sure that this always remains true.  

Piano lessons are taught in the studio, and organ lessons are taught in the sanctuary of the church.  Parents or guardians are strongly encouraged to stay and sit in the room adjacent to the studio, or in the church pews depending on where the lesson is taking place.  The St. Cecilia Studio of Music has an open door policy, and doors will never be closed.  The Studio is welcoming and affirming to all, regardless or gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, cultural background or religion.  

The Studio has an open-door policy (doors will never be closed) and follows the Episcopal "Safe Church" guidelines, designed especially to keep children safe.  

If there are students with accessibility needs, lessons may be taught in the parish hall which is zero-entry.  Whatever sensory or accessibility needs you may have, we will work with you to make sure your experience is pleasant.

The safety of all students, guardians and employees of St. John's is our number one priority. Lessons are audio and video recorded.  

This is a warm, inviting space for all individuals to be able to express themselves through music, as well as gain knowledge in this art.  You are welcome here, you are loved.  

Please contact Christian at or call the church office at 715.423.2332 if you are interested in taking lessons.  Lessons continue throughout the year, and there are no semesters or terms.  You can join anytime! 

Scholarships are available through the church for those who cannot meet the costs of tuition or books.   

Meet the Instructor: 

Christian Stromley is an avid musician who is involved in many groups in Central Wisconsin.  He is working toward finishing his undergraduate studies at Concordia University, St. Paul.  Christian studied organ there with Dr. Kristina Langlois, and piano with Dr. Nathan Kennedy.  He currently is the Education and Outreach Coordinator for the Central Wisconsin Symphony Orchestra.  He also is one of the organists at St. John’s Episcopal in Wisconsin Rapids.  You will very likely find him here on a Sunday morning, leading worship and accompanying the choir.  Christian also sings with the Wisconsin Rapids Area Community Choir, and plays keyboard with the Swing Doctors.  

Christian Stromley, Instructor of Keyboard Studies

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